Festival for entropy in performance and science in the Science Year 2010 – The Future of Energy.

Over a period of four days during the Year of Science 2010 – The Future of Energy, numerous international artists and scientists will present their views on the disappearance, waste, and exploitation of energetic resources. The Entropia festival raises questions about social opportunities and the ecological consequences of energetic transformations. The focus will be on the consequences as well as the promises of the entropic:

Davis Freeman's performance "Investment" will give advice on how the most effective way to use a lottery jackpot. Mathilde Monnier shows us the beautiful sides of irreversibility as her set in "Soapéra" slowly disappears. And the Gruppe Schwalbe uses its own physical power in order to generate light and heat for a carbon-neutral performance.

An interdisciplinary conference on Saturday will be looking at the consequences for our social and political actions, given that using energy always generates irreversible effects. The views offered here describe the energetic as a complex system and challenge at the interface of humanity and technology. We raise the question whether performing might not be seen as working towards disappearance, considering that processuality, chaos and waste describe the working methods of many artists.

Entropia is presented within the Year of Science 2010 – The Future of Energy. The Year of Science together with many partners from the areas of science, research, economy, and culture pays attention to the enthusiasm and creativity with which energy scientists and researchers work on sustainable energy solutions. The festival is funded by the Federal Ministry of Science and Research, the Daimler-Benz-Stiftung, and the Schering-Stiftung. It is also kindly supported by the Institut Francais d'Allemagne / Théâtre et Danse, Culturesfrance, and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication/DGCA.