Festival for entropy in performance and science in the Science Year 2010 – The Future of Energy.

The catchword “entropy” describes the understanding that the use of energy always entails its dissipation, and that the earth, in spite of its stability, is heading towards its own catastrophic end. From the beginning, this concept has led to fascinating apocalyptic visions ranging from the earth's “heat death” to the cosmos sinking into “chaos”. Today, we have to accept the challenges of entropy and consider them in the light of contemporary issues around our use of energy.

Within the Year of Science 2010 “The Future of Energy”, the festival Entropia raises questions about the social opportunities and ecological consequences of energetic transformations. What does it mean for our social and political actions if the exploitation of energy invariably generates irreversible effects? What happens if processuality, chaos, and waste are not seen as threats, but as integral parts of creative productivity?

In four days, international artists and scientists will present their views on the disappearance, waste, and exploitation of energetic resources.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

A production by Kunststoff e. V. and prototypen-ausstellungen, curated by Judica Albrecht, Nicola Schössler, Alexander Moers, Marcus Peter, and Dr. Barbara Gronau.

“to make this performance happen, my body will loose energy, you already lost money, the theatre will loose electricity, and we all gonna loose time. (somebody will even loose his own blood.) the waste of all this important human resources, automatically makes this performance tonight a non ecological activity to which we all have an equal responsibility. if this information doesn't make us feel good, at least it will make us feel less lonely. thank you for coming and enjoy the waste.”
(Ivo Dimchev, “Som Faves”)