Friday, 12th November 2010

20.00 h | HALLE
INVESTMENT (USA/Belgium) – German premiere
CIE. Random Scream | Davis Freeman (95 min, 18/14 €)
(Performance in English)

© Random Scream
Here everyone can become a millionaire! Come and get your lottery ticket to the show! Welcome to Davis Freeman's promising performance.
Devious and political, “Investment” is both a dance piece and a scheme to feed the world – or maybe just a publicity event for our high-risk society. [more …]
22.00 h | SAAL
THE ANATOMY LESSON (Netherlands) – Berlin premiere
Marijs Boulogne (60 min, 14/10 €) (Performance in English)

© Alice Lorenzo
In “The Anatomy Lesson”, Marijs Boulogne looks at processes of decay. With scientific precision she has stitched and crocheted a baby, on which an endoscopy is performed in the course of the performance. We are observers of the pathologist's work and witness an irreversible process of tenderness and cruelty. [more …]