Thursday, 11th November 2010

18.30 h | SAAL
Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Neswald (60 min, free entry)

© M. Berkmann
The discovery of the qualitative transformation processes of energy and heat – i.e. entropy – fundamentally revolutionised the understanding of work and achievement. Elizabeth Neswald in her study “Thermodynamics as cultural battle field” provides an overview on the various directions in thought which thermodynamics – and especially their second law: the theory of entropy – has influenced. [more …]
20.00 h | HALLE
SOAPÉRA (France) – Berlin premiere
Mathilde Monnier | Dominique Figarella (60 min, 18/14 €)

© Marc Coudrais
“Soapéra” begins in a space that is both rehearsal room and art studio. Four dancers move within and with a huge foam heap; the amorphous sculpture and the choreography mix to create a “painting-in-process”. The dissolution of the fragile material corresponds with the duration of the performance. [more …]
21.00 h | FOYER
YTONG (Germany)
Maren Strack (ca. 15 min, free entry)

© J. Zielinski
In her work “Ytong”, Maren Strack, wearing shoes made especially for her, dances an Ytong stone to pieces. With movements ranging from dancing and stomping to jumping, she turns the stone into dust. A reminiscence of the tale of the red shoes that force their owner to dance herself to death. [more …]
21.30 h | SAAL
OP EIGEN KRACHT (Netherlands) – German premiere
Schwalbe | Lotte van den Berg (50–60 min, 14/10 €)

© Stephan van Hesteren
Directed by Lotte van den Berg, the group Schwalbe presents a carbon-neutral performance. Both light and heat are produced by the physical presence of the performers. Between hope and powerlessness, desire and disgust, between ancient history and modern times, Schwalbe plays under its own power. [more …]
23.00 h | SAAL
ARRITMIA (Venezuela) – World premiere
Victor Moralez | Miguel Toro (20–30 min, free entry)

© Victor Moralez
“Arritmia” plays with projected computer images which are disrupted until the point of collapse by a drummer, a performer, and the audience. This creates an interaction between image / movement / sound / rhythm and pulse / life / death / time. [more …]